Webcast – 26 May, 2020

Voertaal Engels

Deloitte Netherlands will host a webcast to discuss our publication ‘Learning to thrive in a (post-)COVID-19 world‘, and to better understand the impact of the disruptions of the COVID-19 crisis. In this webcast we will host a dialogue among business leaders to discuss the impact on different industries, ecosystems and business models and how to prepare in becoming as robust and adaptive as possible.

We believe that organizations should act now. By investing in being robust and adaptive, we will not only be able to respond and recover but will also thrive in a (post–)COVID-19 world. Please sign up for the webcast via the form on the right.



Language: English
Date: 26 May, 2020
Time: 16:00 – 17:00



You can register via the link: https://view.deloitte.nl/beyond-the-crisis-webcast.html