GreenIT is all about cost reduction by reducing energy consumption. The way how owners of software applications design, develop, and deploy is a determining factor in the energy need. However, in traditional hosting contracts cost reduction due to energy savings do not necessarily directly benefit the application owners.

In this workshop we will discuss how to enable and encourage greening of IT from three perspectives:

  1. The supplier perspective: What incentives exist currently for datacenters to reduce the energy footprint of the software applications of their customers?
  2. The measurement perspective: How can energy consumption in the data center be attributed fairly to individual software applications?
  3. The billing perspective: What billing models are possible to let application owners benefit financially from energy-optimizations?


  • 14:45 Arrival & Registration
  • 15:00 Welcome and introduction on Knowledge Network, Joost Visser, Head of Research SIG and chairman of KNGS
  • 15:15 Comparing Efficiency of Software Architectures on the back of an envelope, Ot de Wiljes en Funs Kessen, Schuberg Philis
  • 15:45 Measuring Energy consumption by using software: Fujitsu MJA Case, Frank van Bokhoven, owner Energy Software Solutions
  • 16:15 Transparency makes datacenter sector stronger, Jan Wiersma, Technical Manager EvoSwitch
  • 16:45 Short update on SEFLab, Bo Merkus, CleanTech Researcher HvA en Miguel Ferreira, researcher SIG
  • 17:00 Discussion Moderated by John Post, Director Consortium Green IT Amsterdam
  • 17:30 Drinks


Schuberg Philis
Boeing Avenue 271
1119 PD Schiphol-Rijk

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Audience and fee If this event is also interesting for one of your colleagues, please forward this invitation. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas about green software.

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